A Morning Reflection

Written and photographed on 7/8/12 by Whitney

Off of our balcony at 6:30 AM:  The first hints that the sun will soon be coming

Wow!  Oh Lord, the whole earth proclaims your glory!  The heavens alight!

The sun announces its coming with banners of blues and oranges, then yellows and pinks, followed by golden gilded clouds.

My heart begins to flutter sensing your majesty and beauty.  You must be so beautiful Lord to have created such beauty in the world.

Do you love me?

Do you forgive me?

My heart ponders these questions that plague my mind this cool morning as I watch your majesty rise.

I ask forgiveness for yesterday’s sins.

Oh create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit with in me!

Please, I long to be in your presence, to be in communion with you again. 

Hide your face from my sins and remove my shame.

It is only my pride that keeps shame here now, for you have blotted out all my iniquities and have made me as pure and white as the throne you sit on, as your Son that stands before you!

Suddenly, shadows are cast beneath me as the world around me is lit and I begin to feel a steady warmth.

I look up, your sun has risen!

In this moment you speak to my soul, my questions are answered.

I feel the piercing warmth of your love and with that I know my sins are forgiven as your light fills my inner being.

Indeed, you have restored in me the joy of your salvation and uphold me with a willing spirit.


Thank you Lord.

To you be the glory.  Hallelujah!

References: Psalm 51:9-12, Psalm 51:7 with Revelation 7:9-10, Revelation 20:11, Daniel 7:9, Revelation 1:14

6:54AM, aperture: f/4.5

6:55AM, aperture: f/4.6

6:56AM, aperture: f/4.5

7:00AM, aperture: f/4.6

7:01AM, aperture: f/9.2

7:01AM, aperture: f/9.4

7:01AM, aperture: f/11.2

7:02AM, aperture: f/4.6

7:04AM, aperture: f/9.2

Almost there! 7:07AM, aperture: f/8

46 minutes after the sun first came over the horizon, at the end of my quiet time. “. . .His face was shining like the sun in all of its brilliance”  Revelation 1:16.  7:54AM, aperture: f/8.8

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9 thoughts on “A Morning Reflection

  1. Roma Visser


  2. Helen

    Thank you, Whitney, for sharing your thoughts, prayers and photos of the incredible experience of an African sunrise. So beautiful. Isn’t God so amazing? It’s hard to believe how beautiful heaven will be. I recently watched a video of a man who had had a life-death experience and described heaven as “the colors brighter, the edges sharper” (YouTube: ‘Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw’; http://youtu.be/xRSjzY0s0SM. Amazing testimony.) But for now, I so love the sunrises and the little bit of NC woods behind my house and all the rest. Thank you so much for sharing your morning.

    • Thanks Helen! Have you ever read the book “Heaven is for real”? It’s a 4 year old’s account of heaven, true story. It is a great, quick and easy read and his account is just like what you describe above with the colors and sharpness of everything. I’ll have to check out your link, but for now I need to run because I’m going out with the community health clinic today!

  3. Robert L. Visser

    Wonderful. A place to sit and hear the birds and breezes. To be aware of God’s creation. Wonderful. Still, I pray for you two , be safe and support each other. Love Dad.

    • Thanks for praying dad! We feel your prayers! The morning I took these photos Scott and I were originally going to go on a sunrise hike to the top of a mountain. But, it was dark when we started, we weren’t sure of the exact way to go, and then we heard voices (probably speaking in Kipsigis) and we got spooked and turned around and went back home! Hehe, your prayers for safety were answered! 😉

  4. Natalie Grace

    WOW! This is so awesome Whitney!

  5. Chris K

    If we don’t praise Him….the rocks will cry out! Thank you for such a wonderful post today…….the pictures were amazing. NO! The artist who orchestrated your pictures is AMAZING!

  6. Whitney, this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing and I’m often in awe of the morning sunrise. I’ve been contemplating lately the verse of a song that says:

    “come close, listen to a story about a love more faithful than the morning” phil wickham : true love

    what a beautiful picture God has made in the sun, morning, light, and His creation.

    • Roma Visser

      I listened to the song. I was unfamiliar with Phil Wickham, but I really enjoyed his lyrics and music, and it went perfectly with the photos. Thank you for sharing!

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