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This is a co-written, husband-and-wife blog about our experiences in Kenya while serving at Tenwek Hospital.  Normally, Scott is an Internal Medicine Resident at Duke and Whitney has worked as a research assistant and an administrative assistant for a research group, but what she loves to do is interact with people and cook.  We have the excuse to live at Tenwek for three months because Duke’s residency allows the residents who are accepted into the Global Medicine Elective to travel to all parts of the world and work for three months in a specific location.

We ranked Tenwek as our number one choice due to its Christian mission, African location (always wanted to go to Africa!), and because this specific hospital was placed on Scott’s heart by God at 2:00AM (at least that’s when Scott sent me–Whitney–an email saying that we were “going to go to Africa!”) in Duke’s Cardiac Critical Care Unit one quite night when God inspired and confirmed that he should apply to go abroad.

We are so excited that we have the opportunity to do this!   We pray that we can grow in our faith and learn a lot during this time and that we can reflect Christ to all whom we have the pleasure of meeting.

Thanks for visiting our blog!  If you have any questions, please leave a comment or your email and we’ll try to answer you!

Peace to you,

Scott and Whitney



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Katy

    If I send mail to your house in NC, will it be saved for you? Or should I send it somewhere else? Or just hold off?

  2. Hi Scott and Whitney! My name is Ashley and I came across your blog after posting my blog for Kenya. I’m actually going to Bomet and Kijabe, Kenya in a couple of weeks to be exposed to the medical missions, specifically in Tenwek Hospital! I have friends in Kenya who are there now and one of my friend’s dad is a surgeon at Tenwek. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already met his family. I’ll be in Kenya for about a month and I’ll be at Tenwek for a part of the time. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you guys! God bless.

    • Ashley! I look forward to meeting you! Do you arrive in August? I don’t see your name on the July guest list. We’ve been here one week now and love it! Let me know if you have any questions about what to pack or anything else! Safe travels!

    • Thanks Whitney. I leave for Kenya next thursday, but probably won’t get to Bomet until August. I’m traveling a little with my brother before settling in for the remainder of the time. Thanks for your reply. It’s encouraging to have a connection with you already before meeting you!

  3. Hey Scott and Whitney! I’m at Tenwick this week. Could I maybe stop by and visit you? When would be a good time?

    • Hey! Anytime! We’re in Apt. 6 and our number is 463. Scott said he saw you this morning at the hospital. Hopefully we can meet soon!

  4. Edwina

    Hi scott and whitney, Im in kenya and battling with bone fructure. Would you please give me the direction to how to get to TENWEK.

    • Tenwek Hospital is in the Bomet District of Kenya. To get there, you must first go to the town of Bomet, which is on highway B3. Once in Bomet you can get a taxi or matatu at the bus station to take you five more miles (50 shillings) to Tenwek Hospital. Hope this helps!

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