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A Survivor

Short Story Bios Part III: Tabitha

A man was going to the bathroom in a pit-toilet when he heard a baby crying.  He looked around for its source and saw nothing.  He then realized that the sound was coming from beneath him.  In the hole beneath him was a baby lying in the morass of human waste.

The man somehow dug the baby out of the hole and lifting it to the light he could see that she was covered in feces and maggots.  He brought the girl to Tenwek Hospital immediately where a nurse lovingly and carefully washed her clean and picked off all of the maggots.  The baby was tiny and severely dehydrated.  Lots of fluids and love were transfused into her little body and she was named Tabitha.  After a week and a half the baby was well enough to be discharged, only there was no home for her to go to.

Mrs. Stanford, a short-term missionary here for six weeks, had been volunteering in the nursery and caring for Tabitha.   She decided to take Tabitha “home” to her residence here at Tenwek and care for her.  They live across the hall from us and when I can hear Tabitha crying during the night, I thank God for it and how He saved her.

On Saturday, we celebrated her one-month birthday.  She is just now nearing nine pounds, and while you can see some scars on her back where the maggots were eating at her, these will hopefully go away.  Since she is doing well, she will be brought to Tenwek’s baby home in Nakuru this weekend.  It will be sad to see her go!  Her beautiful eyes are so big in comparison to her tiny face and she just learned to smile yesterday! She must stay in the baby home for six months and then she will be up for adoption.  This baby home has a 100% placement rate for their babies so pray that a most loving family gets this beautiful baby girl.  She is such a gift.

She once was meant to die and very near to death, and now she is alive and well.  Praise God.  “Turning toward the dead woman, he said, ‘Tabitha, get up.’  She opened her eyes . . .” Acts 9:40

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