Please Pray

This page is a list current prayer requests.  We believe prayer is powerful because our God is powerful.  We would love it if you would pray for us.  Thank you so much!  We will keep you updated on answered prayers!

  • Please pray for Josephine. Her drunk husband attacked her with a panga and severely disfigured parts of her body and she has lost her vision in one eye.  A group from Josephine’s village and clan then attacked her husband and after three days in the hospital he died.  She has five sons and must now begin life anew without an abusive husband but with the burden of raising and providing for five children while she continues to physically and emotionally recover.
  • Please pray for Evelyn.  She just accepted Christ!  But, her and her husband are alcoholics and brew.  Pray that she becomes intimate with her Creator and finds strength in him to leave her old way of life, even if it means upsetting her husband.
  • Please pray for Helen’s husband Samuel.  He used to be a chaplain at the hospital with Helen, but then he was dishonest with money and was asked to leave the chaplain position.  He then became involved with a lazy, gambling, drinking group of friends and now all he does is drink and is lost to the Lord.  Pray that the Holy Spirit convicts him and his eyes are un-blinded to what his life has become.
  • Pray for the 2000 women of Linda’s Bible study and that they would be able to have daily quiet time and grow up in the Lord.  Pray also for their husbands, most do not know the Lord and do not want to humble themselves to accept him as their God and Savior.  Many husbands are also alcoholics..

Answered prayer:

  • Pray that our luggage gets packed by July 2nd and that it isn’t lost on the way to Tenwek! No luggage was lost and nothing was missing our of our luggage!
  • Pray for smooth travel.  Travel couldn’t have been better!  Got through security and customs with no delays or problems and Whitney even had a back-of-the-plane tea party with some other women over the Sahara Dessert–it was great!
  • Pray that our hearts and minds can be ready for what we encounter in Kenya.  We’re three days in and love it here and we already love the people here–Praise God for giving us love and compassion!
  • Please pray for Ramano, the missionary who was shot.  Pray that he can make a full recovery.  After surviving a bumpy car ride, a flight, a very rough landing, surgery, and several days in the ICU, Ramano has been discharged from Tenwek Hospital and has gone home to be with his wife and children!  They expect their third child within weeks!  
  • Pray that Whitney can find the right volunteer opportunities.  Whitney has been regularly volunteering at Dr. Ernie Steury Memorial Primary School next to Tenwek Hospital.  She has been able to teach mathematics, share her culture and faith with the curious teachers and students, and learn about the people and culture of this part of Kenya.  She loves it!
  • Pray that we can make good connections and form deep relationships with those we live and work with and those we serve.  As our time to leave nears, we have been told by several of our Kenyan friends the impact we’ve had on them and how sad they will be when we leave!   It feels so good to know that they have connected with us as much as we have with them!  They all hope and pray to God that we will meet again.  One friend shared this Kenyan proverb with Whitney: “Only mountains never meet” meaning that unlike mountains, people are always moving in different places and you never know where or when we might meet again.
  • Pray that we have time to be still before God. God was so good at cancelling some of my planned activities 😉 so that I could have time with him and time to rest. 
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for Scott as he makes diagnoses and treats things he has never seen in the US. Scott made some great discoveries of underlying illnesses that saved people’s lives!  Praise God for his help!
  • Please pray for Whitney’s job applications that she has sent in and the positions she has interviewed for.  May she trust God and may He put her in the perfect spot! Whitney was blessed with a fun, part-time job at Sur la Table soon after we got back and now she has accepted a middle school science teaching position!  Praise the Lord!  Continue to pray for her as she starts this job because she has never taught in the US before and is slightly overwhelmed!
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